Do all sex workers in Golden Tulip Essential Hotel eventually contract HIV?

Well, the answer for the same is no. not every sex worker contract HIV. As we all know that HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. These are the diseasesthat spread while having unprotected sex with various people or HIV-positive people. In general, if we compare general people with sex workers then prostitutes are at low risk of sexually transmitted diseases. It is their job and their livelihood so to keep their livelihood alive they do take major precautions and regular check-ups for the same.

Most sex workers use condoms or other precautions to prevent these types of diseases in specially in Golden Tulip Essential Hotel . They are well educated with the knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases and keep themselves safe aware and safe. The prostitutes are at very high risk of these diseases those who do not use precautions like condoms and take them lightly to make money. Also, there are high risk of getting such diseases at bars and any other places when you have unplanned sex.

Some precautions are mandatory to take not only by sex workers but by all of us.

The sex workers highly say no to unprotected sex. Some companies ask for the whole medical details of the customers too so that there can be a low risk of having such diseases. The transmission of disease from one person to another is very high if they both indulge in sexual activity like vaginal sex, oral sex, etc. so awareness is much needed. Hire prostitutes that are bracing and know everything about their health and the personal health of who is hiring them. The use of condoms and other barriers can also decrease the risk of transmission of disease from one person to another. So it is important to stay conscious of these matters, cognizant is much needed to create a healthy and safe environment.


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