How much is the minimum deposit and withdrawal?

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deposit?

There are 2 types of our deposits.

1, automatic deposit, which is deposit via bank, click on the menu, auto deposit, and copy the account number. Then transfer money through your bank app.

2 Deposit by wallet, go to the wallet menu, copy the number and go to the True Wallet app to transfer money.

P.S. The deposit conditions, account number and wallet number must be the same as the one used for the application only. If they do not match, we will not make the transaction for you.

How much is the minimum deposit and withdrawal?

If not receiving the bonus, minimum deposit 1 baht, minimum withdrawal 10 baht,

if receiving bonus, minimum deposit 20 baht, withdrawal depends on that promotion that accepts

pg slot, no minimum deposit,

slots, minimum deposit 1 baht

Can you withdraw it?

If the customer does not receive the bonus, they can withdraw them all, no limit, no minimum, deposit 1 baht, they can win millions.

If the customer receives the bonus, it can be withdrawn 8 times of the deposit plus bonus. And the remaining credit will be cut into 0 immediately

How do you apply for membership?

Applying for membership is easy, just go to the website, go to the menu, apply for membership, fill out the real information that actually works only. because of the withdrawal time We will transfer the money to the account entered in the application only. and cannot change the account later That account is immediately linked to that number.

P.S. The number cannot be changed either. If using another wallet number, transfer to The credit will not be top-up and we will not transfer it back.

How is SLOT-PG different from other slots?

PG slot games are the most popular slots right now. because of the game system This is a new game with a 3D level image that comes with a quest system. Makes more dimensions of play In addition, there are many games to choose from, not repeating, not monotonous, making the enjoyment of playing plus double the fun. Plus, there are bonuses, special prizes, and many more in the game. Thai language is available for you to use. The era of waiting for free spins is over. What are you waiting for? Apply now.

How long does it take to deposit and withdraw?

-PG web is an automatic operating system, everything, whether depositing, withdrawing, fast within 30 seconds, accurate, agile, taken care of by a quality team with 5 years of experience in this field, ready to support you 24 hours a day .

Can I play slot games on my mobile phone?

PG Slot Online Slot Game Support playing through all mobile phones, all systems, both IOS and Android without downloading. Players can play on our website, both convenient, fast and hassle-free.

If receiving the bonus, how many turns must be made / how to count the turn?

If you receive a bonus There will be a small withdrawal condition, which is to do 3 turns of the deposit plus the bonus before withdrawal can be made

. Calculated from the deposit amount, added to the bonus and multiplied by the number of turns, for example, do 3 turns, do 5 turns,

for example, do 3 turns of the deposit plus bonus. 50% bonus condition Deposit 100 get bonus 50 will get deposit plus bonus equal to 150 Bring this amount to you with conditional turn amount 150 X 3 = 450 Customer must have at least 450 credit to be able to withdraw. etc.

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